The Length

Finland. YLE. Mouka Films.
2014 - 13 mins

Ted Curson is one of the last jazz legends alive, his time is coming to an end and with it the last sparks of an era that carved a vibrant artform. The continuous touring, the endless waiting and the shadows of the past prove to be a burden too heavy to carry any longer. Filmed at a manor house in Helsinki, the slow and elegant fade of the building resembles that of Its occupant.

Written, filmed and directed by IVÁN TORRES HDEZ / Editing IVÁN TORRES HDEZ & ANNA BRUFAU / Sound design JAAKKO KATILA & SAMUEL MARNA at DEEP SHADOW SOUNDS / Music TED CURSON / Color grading MARA JELINKO at OUTLINE STUDIOS Editing assistant ILLUSIA SARVAS / Graphic design IVÁN TORRES HDEZ / Producer SAMI JAHNUKAINEN at MOUKA FILMI / In collaboration with SARI VOLANEN at Yle

Best Short Documentary at XIX Ânûû-rû Âboro Film Festival.

Premiered at Jihlava International Film Festival as part of the offical selection.